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Company Profile

SinoInteractive is a leading cross-border integrated digital marketing expert in China, and is also a domestic company with official authorized agency of five major media platforms, namely Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Thanks to its profound understanding of overseas media channels and years of operation experience, the company has an international professional team to provide cross-platform integrated marketing solutions, including international-level services such as media strategy, advertisement optimization, creative design, video production and social marketing, so as to help Chinese enterprises effectively develop the global market.

Our Group

Sino Group is China's leading cross-border digital marketing group, and is also a domestic digital marketing group with official agency of seven platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It is committed to providing all-channel and all-round consulting and marketing services to overseas Chinese enterprises, so as to help them successfully realize the global development.


The Group includes two subsidiaries -- Meetsocial and SinoInteractive:


Meetsocial focuses on Facebook business. Serving 10,000 customers, it is the official authorized agency of Facebook in China and the leading agency in China.

Our Vision

"China Based, Global Reached"

SinoInteractive devotes itself to developing overseas markets for high-quality Chinese brands and products through global digital networks and continuously enhancing its influence to become a winner in the global market.

"Currently, there are almost no signs of prominent Chinese brands in most market categories overseas, especially in developed countries, and the overseas consumers are less familiar with Chinese brands. However, such situation just means opportunity: redefine yourself. In terms of both the domestic market position and development status, Chinese brands are on the same starting line when viewed gloablly. Only with the long-term consistent management and investment can the brand effect be produced in the global market. Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most economical and effective way."

——Charles Shen, Executive Director of Sino Group

Subsidiaries of Sino Group:

facebook&google One-stop Advertising Management System: